UCC First Congregational Church of Kittery Point Communication Committee

There are many ways we keep in touch with each other as a church community, yet sometimes when it comes to getting the word out, committees and church members struggle to find the rights means of communication. We already have many folks who can help. The communications team is an attempt to consolidate efforts and make communicating more efficient.

- Beth LaMontagne Hall, Communications committee



We need you!

We are looking for 3-5 volunteer members to join our exciting new communications committee.

Do you have one or more of the following skills or interest? 

  • Good written communication
  • Good in person communication
  • Willingness to learn new technologies
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Public Speaking
  • Advertising & PR
  • Social Media
  • Website upkeep
  • Data entry

Existing skills a bonus, but we are willing to train the right person.


Learn a new skill while helping spread the good word about our church community!


Want to learn more? Join us for an informal meeting:

April 11, 2018
The Parish House

Communications Committee Meet & Greet at our Parish House. At this meeting we will set goals & duties for the Communication Committee together. 

RSVP with FORM BELOW, kindly.

More info...

The Communications Committee aims to create a clear process for committees and members to get the word out about their activities. The goal is to divide small jobs up among a few people -- writing announcements or updating the website, for example -- so that no one person is stuck managing all the work. This meeting is to go over the committee in more detail and discuss the jobs available and training opportunities. Being tech savvy is a help, but not a requirement. If you are looking for a way to help the church in a small role and love writing, taking photos or graphic design, please fill out a short survey below, or email Beth Hall or Geneve Hoffman, below.

Interested in learning more about our Communications Committee? 

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Communications Committee


Beth LAMontagne Hall / Co-Chair

There are so many things that our church does every year -- and so many more things we are planning. Many of us involved in activities need a way to spread the word about our events within the church community, while also letting the greater Kittery community know about all the great stuff we're doing. It's our hope this Communications Committee will make that process easier and more effective!

email: beth.hall2008@gmail.com


Geneve Hoffman / co-chair & website

People "hang out" online these days. We need to meet people where they are! I joined this committee with Beth and Brian because I saw a need to share the joys, needs, and accomplishments of our amazing church community with the wider Kittery and seacoast area. I'm proud of our church and getting the word out will help us all grow together. 

email: photogeneve@aol.com



Rev. brian gruhn / Pastor

Hearing and teaching the Good News of Jesus--that God is ever-present, ever-loving, pouring out life and creativity in abundance for all Creation every single day--requires excellent communication.  Help us celebrate God's spirit to the best of our ability by enhancing how we speak and listen to one another and the wider world!  

email: brian.gruhn@gmail.com


This could be you / Committee Member

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THIS COULD BE YOU  /committee member

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Communication Committee INFO

Ways in which we stay in touch:

The Mooring – Mailed monthly by Church Administrator

The Monday Morning Mooring – Emailed by Church Administrator/Pastor Brian

Facebook – Administrators who can post include Geneve Hoffman, Beth LaMontagne Hall and Chuck Hatch

Email – Pastor Brian and Church Administrator have the list, send when needed

Website – Administrators who can post events and updates include Pastor Brian and Geneve Hoffman 

Media and other outreach – Open

Announcements during service – Both Pastor Brian and members of the church community offer announcements before service. 

Purpose of each means of communication

The Mooring – a tried and true newsletter sent to members of the church and non-members on our mailing list. Reaches the most people in the church community – roughly ?? people. This is the best way for getting out advance notice of events.

Monday Morning Mooring – emailed to those on the email list. Goes out weekly and therefore is best for urgent or last minute announcements, as well as when the church community needs a reminder for big events.

Facebook – reaches a smaller group of community members, as well as people outside the church community. This is a good way to promote events (craft fairs, fundraisers, church dinners) where we’d like to get a people from the greater Kittery community to attend.

Email – On occasion, there’s a need to send a message to a large portion of the church community, in planning for fundraisers or the Christmas pageant for instance. Email is one way to reach a segment of the church community quickly and efficiently.

Website – The newly revamped website is a great way for the church community to stay up-to-date in real time. Events are posted and updated by administrators. Committees should always consider adding their events and meetings to the event calendar so that those who are interested in church events can quickly go to the website to find out what’s going on.

Media and other outreach – local newspapers, radio stations, signs in front of the church, posters in local shops – all of these are means of reaching people outside of the church community. We have a list of contacts at the local newspapers that should on occasion be updated. (I am not sure how the signs in front of the church work, who is in charge, etc. I’d also love input on whether we need someone who is in charge of creating posters for the church. I seem to remember there is someone with this skill.)

Announcements during service – This is a good way to get out last minute messages, and a very good way to remind people of ways they can volunteer. However, the message can only be heard by those people who go to church that Sunday.