Brian said I was the first person he thought of when it came to Commitment. Such a sweet talker!

The big commitments I have made in my life have been ordinary ones. I committed to going to college and to graduating. Check. I committed to marriage. Check. I committed to parenthood. Check. I committed to taking care of his parents and mine. Check. I committed to joining the church. Check. And working for the church, and serving on committees, and cooking, and occasionally teaching, and crafting, and well, you pretty much know the rest.

Every one of those brought growth to me. College – obviously! A new interest in history, in architecture, in music, in sciences. Marriage – obviously! Sharing, making decisions, home-owning, cooking, cleaning, deployment. Parenthood – I’m still learning about that one and quite frankly, wishing I’d done some things differently. Eldercare – that learning curve now comes into play as my own generation approaches being on the receiving end of that.

And joining the church. How can I count those growth rings? They overlap, of course, but the responsibility, and the courage, and the leaps of faith, and the delegation of tasks (not easy for me but I’m learning). These are all so good for me, and I hope for you as well, because your growth compliments my growth and vice versa, as we keep this little project called church going.

My most recent commitment is to my sister, and she has made a commitment to me, to take care of each other. I’ve learned a lot already, and look forward to all the growth ahead that we will experience together.

Jennifer Gray