Our church is spending the month of September beginning to explore 5 spiritual practices that we believe will empower us to restore our humanity and strengthen our relationships with God and one another. Up to this point, we have found a member of our community to speak on how these practices have already begun to transform their lives and their work; Boundary Work, Commitment, Humility.

This week we are exploring the Spiritual Practice of Trust. We have discerned that Trust to our relationships as water is to life itself…without Trust relationships dry up and whither. Trust is essential, not just for a person of faith, but for all people. If we don’t have anything we can trust in…then we are not trustworthy ourselves…and human life rapidly descends into chaos.

In discussing this with different members of our church over the last few weeks, it became clear that all of us have difficulty trusting. We learn at an early age that certain people are not to be trusted…we learn that nothing is guaranteed…we learn that the world is a constantly changing, shifting place, and rarely has our best interest at heart. We learn that our early, innocent beliefs about God are almost always challenged and deconstructed before they can be re-assembled into deeper understanding…and that process makes it feel as though even God is not dependable.

So this week, we do not have anyone sharing a story about how Trust has transformed their lives…but we have an entire community of people who are coming together to express our shared need for something…someone…to Trust in.

You are invited to participate in a ritual we offered yesterday in worship. Yesterday we asked a simple question, and we gave everyone in attendance an opportunity to answer that question for themselves:

We are all hurt in this life…and hurt breaks Trust…and makes it difficult to Trust again. Can you name

the person, event, or thing that broke your sense of Trust?

We have already received nearly 100 responses to this question. We would like to know your response as well. If you feel comfortable, you can leave you response as a comment on this blog post, or you can send it to, and your identity and information will be kept in confidence. We will use all the responses to this question to help our entire church discern in the upcoming week how we can be of Service to one another and our wider community. We will use the tears of our own distrust and mistrust to learn how we can be present with those in need….to build trust with those in need…so they will know our God is dependable, abounding in everlasting love life….and beginning this Sunday, we will rededicate ourselves to being God’s Trustworthy, Serving people in this place.