Your Six Word Story of Faith

Yesterday in worship, we heard the inviting question from UCC Pastor Rev. Jes Kast, “How would you tell your story of faith in six words?”

By the end of our worship yesterday morning, some people already had ideas about how they would answer this question.

The gift of a faith community is to discover that our stories are not unique…special, but not unique. Our questions, our doubts, our confusion is not singularly ours…the path of faith has been paved by uncertainty since the beginning.

What might we have to teach each other by sharing our stories?

If you would like to submit Your Six Word Story of Faith,, please email it to Rev. Brian at and we will find ways to share those stories with our community in the Sundays to come.

Not sure how to tell your story yet? Take note of how you live your life. What gets your attention? What fills you with passion? How do you spend each precious day God has gifted to you? Your story—part of God’s Eternal Story—will begin to emerge.

Brian Gruhn