Why do we hunt for brightly colored eggs on Easter?

We’ve spent the last 7 weeks (some of us have, anyway), focusing intensely on “forgiving” or “getting rid of” the stumbling blocks on our path of faith. We have taken on new spiritual practices that help us to grow deeper in faith and adjust to a new life full of new possibilities.

After seven weeks of focusing on particular things in our lives and intentionally getting rid of them…we gather together on Easter to celebrate God’s promise of New Life and Resurrection by joining together to find the brightly colored surprises hiding in plain sight in our lives.

After growing in faith…grieving the passing of life as it once was…we begin gathering to discover what lies in wait for us in this mystical, ordinary world in which we proclaim God is more powerful than greed, scarcity, change, loss, exhaustion, apathy, greater than Death itself.

The Easter Egg hunt will be held this Sunday at 23 Pepperrell Rd. in Kittery Point, ME at 9:30a.m. for ALL children 5h Grade and Under.

And the work of looking for God’s hidden gifts in this universe of miracles is work all of us will share, this Sunday and every day that follows.

Hope to see you out there.

Brian Gruhn