Dark Days in Spring Time

We have all asked these questions: If there’s a God, why does God allow bad things to happen? If God is the God of the outcast, the oppressed, the prisoner, the stranger…why must these people suffer so much? And what does that mean for the rest of us? Who’s to say someone is “saved'“ or not? Science tells us the universe is billions of years old and our world took millions of years to make, so how can I trust a book that says it all happened in seven days and snakes can talk? If God is omnipresent…why do I feel so alone?

When we have these important questions, we need to remember what we believe about God:

*Everything comes from God, and, ultimately, everything returns to rest in God.

*God is slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love.

*God forgives all. God will remove all barriers to God’s reconciling love…God will use every misstep and imperfection to try and bring us back to the Divine.

*God is generous beyond all measure.

When we experience a world—a world we believe God created—that is so wholly different than this God we speak of…we can’t help but have questions. We can’t help but struggle. We can’t help but wish that the lives we live could reflect this generous God abounding in love and grace…rather than reflecting the world, so defined by want and need.

In the season of Lent, we take seriously the possibility that the reason why we are not more connected to this God…why this God is so hard to believe in and so difficult to discover…is because we have not made room for God. We have become so caught up in and tied to the world around us, we are not leaving enough room to perceive who God is and what God is doing. In the season of Lent, we confess, we could choose to do things differently…and maybe living differently will lead to new and different discoveries.

God will remove all barriers…but God created us with free will, which means we are capable of erecting our own stumbling blocks.

God is generous beyond all our expectations…and we tend to grumble and groan when our expectations are not met.

God is slow to anger…which disappoints those of us who are tired of waiting for God’s justice to reign on the earth.

Everything comes from God…even the hard things? Even the suffering? Why would that be true?

We are entering the middle of Lent…where the biggest struggles, the deepest questions, and the darkest days of faith still lie ahead.

You are not alone on the journey. And neither are we.

Brian Gruhn