Blessing: 101

As we enter into a new school year, we are getting back to basics.  We live in an age in which most people under the age of 60 have not spent much of their lives in church.  Those of us who have spent time in church may even wonder from time to time: what does all this stuff mean?  What effect does it have on my life?  

If we are doing our job to transmit this ancient faith to living human beings, we should be able to see very quickly how this Way of Life changes the course of our lives.  

Take Sunday September 9, for example.  We are inviting people of all ages to come worship with us and help tell a simple story together: Noah's Ark.  This is one of the most ancient stories there epic tale told in the span of a few sentences that describes a world-ending flood...and hints at the what the world will be like after the flood.  Some version of this story can be found in pretty much every culture throughout the world, throughout history.  What sets our sacred story of Noah apart from the other Flood Narratives?

It begins and ends with God's Blessing.  There isn't just an overwhelming flood that destroys all that was...there's also God's Blessing on a special family, preserving them through the storm...and then that blessing is expanded to all of humanity and all of Creation for the rest of time.  

Bad things happen to everyone.  This isn't news.  What IS news--for most people--is that God blesses us and keeps us through even the worst storms.  This means that no matter what happens to us, no matter how bad things may seem...there is goodness, peace, light, love, life, and joy at the center of ALL things.  All the time.  

We believe that if we take this Good News seriously, our entire approach to life, especially times of trial and crisis, will change significantly. 

So this Sunday, come to church and help us to tell this story.  As part of the story, we will be Blessing all of our people who are out there in the flood, serving and living through stormy times with an over-flowing schedule and to-do list.  So we want students to bring their back packs, and receive a blessing for the new year.  If you play Sunday Sports, come join us this one Sunday, September 9, and let us bless your team uniform or your gear, so you know we are traveling with you every Sunday to every game and every tournament.  If you walk, run, or bike to support a charity, bring in your shoes, your helmet, your number, your free t-shirts and let us bless you for the work you do on behalf of others.  Come be blessed together this we can go back out into the stormy seas with more light in our lives and a song of triumph in our hearts!

Brian Gruhn