Things Behind the Things

"One of the phrases we hear again and again in the Celctic world from which I draw so heavily in my to speak of "the sun behind the sun," and "the life within all life," "the light within the light," and I think Soul is pointed to with these phrases.  It's the "within-ness" from which life has come forth."  --John Phillip Newell on his definition of the word Soul

In Mexico, if you are driving down the road, you will often see a sign that says "Alto."  If you don't speak Spanish, you may not know what this sign is telling you to do.  But what if you were to learn that the sign on which "Alto" is written is a red octagon?  I think you would be able to understand what that sign means, even if you don't speak Spanish. 

This is where the life of faith calls see the patterns throughout the be able to read signs around us about what God is doing, what we are called to do and who we are called to become...and we learn how to read these signs even when we find ourselves in unknown and uncertain situations.  On Monday morning, our Bible Study group gathered to converse about Wisdom.  In Proverbs 8, we find a beautiful poem told from the point of view of "Wisdom."  Apparently, she was in the beginning with God, she was present before God created the mountains or contained the oceans.  Wisdom has been present at the center of everything from the very beginning...and she promises that if we are willing to stop chasing shiny, flashy treasures and begin spending time focused on the Deep Wisdom that lies at the heart of the universe...then humans have the ability to know many things.  We may not always know what to expect, we may not be able to predict the future...but our scripture teaches us that if we are willing to be still....we can know God...we can know our own souls...we can know the right time to accomplish certain tasks...when to act and when to wait...when to spend and when to save...when to bring something to an end and begin something new.  

There are things that lie behind the tasks we do and the objects we work with.  This week...we hope you will take some time to ponder what God's Love may be hiding behind...and how you might help reveal it to the world.

Peace and Grace be with you,

Pastor Brian


Brian Gruhn