Our Church is Searching for a Church Coordinator!

Church Coordinator for First Congregational Church of Kittery United Church of Christ

Employment:  Part Time

Salary:  starting annual salary of $11,000 + 3 weeks vacation per year

Flexible Hours:  Not to exceed 16 Hours a week, Sundays and some evenings required

Role and Responsibilities:  First Congregational Church of Kittery UCC is in search of a Coordinator, to assist with strengthening our existing forms of communication (both within the church, and between the church and the wider community), and work with lay leaders to identify new tools, resources, systems and processes to enhance our ability to strengthen relationships between one another, our world, and our God.  

To help fulfill this role, we would expect the Coordinator to: 

*Develop connections between lay leaders, church members, visitors, friends and neighbors 

*Assist the church in developing deeper connections between one another, the wider community, and our partners in the United Church of Christ.

*Work with the staff and lay leadership of First Congregational Church to enhance our current forms of communications—from weekly bulletins and Moorings to monthly publications, online announcements, etc.—and discern possibilities for future efforts.

*Maintain and update the database of Church Members and Friends, producing materials from time to time (like Church Member Phone Directories) that help to track and connect our many members to one another.

*To identify the various needs and efforts of our community—for individuals, committees, long time members, new visitors, and people who have not heard about us yet—and assist church leadership in addressing those needs and strengthening those efforts.

*To curate, update, and maintain our online resources such as The church website, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and online newsletter.

*To curate and update our church publications such as the weekly bulletin, monthly newsletter, and annual reports, as well as church bulletin boards, signage and other essential publications.

*Assist in the preservation of Institutional Knowledge through written materials, record keeping, and organization of materials in the church office and online.  

*Utilize the church’s physical space to help us visibly express our values and culture.

This is a part time position with flexible hours.  It is, however, the expectation and the desire of the church that the coordinator will work in conjunction with the Pastor to ensure that:

*The Coordinator is available during peak times (such as Sunday mornings, large events, and essential evening meetings) to build relationships and contribute to the ongoing work of coordinating and communicating with various parts of the church.

*Work with the Pastor to create a consistent and predictable schedule for Church Office hours, to receive information and connect with people who have need.  

*Facilitate communication efforts in a timely manner.

*Attend a regularly scheduled meeting of church staff to share information and discern how to best serve the community they are called to serve.  

*The Coordinator will take 2 Sabbath Days a week (meaning, 2 full days each week in which they are not engaged in the work the church pays them to do), and 3 weeks of vacation per year (not including recognized annual holidays).  

Applicants to this position should:

*Have experience with designing, editing and printing publications such as newsletters, pamphlets, and bulletins.

*Possess basic computer skills, working knowledge of online/digital communication platforms (e.g. Mail Chimp, Square Space, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Word), and also have a willingness to continue learning and growing in those areas.

*Demonstrate a passion for design, creativity, and communication.

*Express a coherent philosophy of coordination and communication within groups.

*Enjoy meeting new people and deepening relationships with the community they are hired to serve.

*Cultivate healthy awareness of boundaries between self and others, and conduct oneself within those boundaries according to the healthy norms and expectations of the community.

*This church affirms it has no right to expect its employees to profess a certain faith, but it is the church’s expectation that all paid employees will demonstrate loving kindness toward themselves, and their neighbors as themselves, as best they are able.  

To apply for this position, please send contact information and basic resume to our church office:

First Congregational Church of Kittery UCC

23 Pepperrell Rd.

Kittery Point, ME





Brian Gruhn