"Becoming Church..."

The church was born on the Day of Pentecost.  The Apostles—the 12 who had learned directly from Jesus this Way of Life—were adorned with the Holy Spirit, sent out into the streets to preach and proclaim the Good News:  God has conquered death and evil.  Love is the foundation of the universe.  There is a light that the darkness will never overcome.  


And everyone heard this news…in their own native tongue.  The language their mamas and papas spoke to them as children…that was how they heard the Good News communicated to them that morning.  And thousands became believers at once, baptized into the faith.  And we have been in the process of Becoming the Church ever since.


This Sunday Pentecost comes again…and we are celebrating the Word through Music…a universal language reflecting the nature of God’s creative grace.  


This Sunday at our 10:00a.m. service we are celebrating the Word in the lives of 9 young people who have prepared to Confirm their baptism and join our church as full fledged members.  Is it possible that these 9 teenagers understand God's Word differently than those of us who are decades older than them?  It’s not just possible…it’s guaranteed.  Without their point of view, their questions, their lives and their journeys are missing from our conversation…we cannot become fully what God calls us to be.  


When we say “No matter who you are, or where you are on your journey, you are welcome here…” we mean that.  We mean that as a promise and as a challenge.  Regardless of your age, your background, your ability to commit, regardless of your faith or your doubts…you are welcome here.  Because if God has conquered the day…if Love truly is the foundation of the universe…then there is no room and no excuse to keep anyone away.  Our promise is to constantly try our best to be the people who affirm this belief over and over, week after week, through everything we do.  


The challenge is…communicating this to others.  Are we willing to meet others where they are on their journey?  Are we willing to work with the Holy Spirit and communicate through words and images so that all people can hear the Good News we are trying to proclaim.  Music helps.  


And actions speak louder than words. 


Join us this week as we, once more, Become Church together…serving, worshipping, proclaiming, blessing…inch by inch…day by day.   

Brian Gruhn