The Spiritual Journey in Holy Week

In our community, we have spent the past 9 weeks preparing.  We have been learning new ways to communicate with one another, with the world, with God...we have been exploring and experimenting...dreaming and scheming...gathering and's been our way of doing what Jesus called "repent."  Except...he didn't really call it that.  He didn't speak English.

In Mark 1:15, Jesus lays out his agenda for his public ministry clearly and concisely, "The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God has come near; repent and believe the Good News."  This is how his proclamation reads in the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.  This is one of the most up-to-date English translations of the Bible.  But, again, Jesus didn't speak English.

The original Greek text of Mark's Gospel does not use the word "repent" in this passage, it uses the word "Metanoia."  Metanoia essentially means "turn around."  But it doesn't just mean turn your body around, it means turn everything around, including your internal being...your assumptions, your habits, your expectations, your beliefs...turn all of it around. 

To be fair, Jesus probably didn't speak Greek, either.  But it's important to know that the English word "repent" changed our understanding of the original teaching in the Gospel, "Metanoia."  The Greek word is involves intention and action and work on our part.  The English word is more's indicates how we might feel about coming to faith, but it is lacking any instruction for how to do it.  

Walking the Spiritual Journey is our community's way of figuring out the "how to" of faith.  How to confront the questions in our to make small changes to our way of life, so that we can walk THE Way of to love more and fear to discover miracles in abundance and distance ourselves from mundane, needless suffering.  

Jesus himself said specifically that no one comes to faith in an instant.  God is doing something new now--bringing God's realm near to us--but humans require preparation before we can believe that to be true.  

Easter Sunday is upon us.  The season of preparation is almost over...the time to begin walking together is at hand.  You are invited to walk with us.  Here's a brief rundown of our process of to prepare for this journey...and just a few ways that we are supporting one another in this final week of preparation.  All are welcome to join in.  



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