Signs of Hope

There’s a Christmas Tree in our church sanctuary covered in ornaments. Each ornament has written on it a gift that a family in need has hoped to buy their children. Most of these gifts are things like socks, winter boots, things that children need simply to stay alive and healthy in the winter months.

This morning there are far fewer ornaments on that tree than there were yesterday. Because people took the time to remove those ornaments, and take responsibility for helping those in need.

Our Parish House is filled with the scent of pine, with dozens of beautifully decorated wreaths mounted around the room. Each one was made by hand this last weekend by a member of our community. They will be sold this week for $20 each, all the proceeds going to support the worthy causes supported by funds from our Christmas Fair this Friday. Lucky customers get to contribute toward many worthy causes, and receive a homemade gift of beauty to decorate their door this holiday season. Dozens have already been sold.

On this cold, foggy morning, our parking lot lies empty…patiently awaiting the countless cars that contain countless people who will come to work and visit our church this week.

God offers countless signs of Hope in the world to come…if you know what to look for.

If we understand who our God is and what our God Hopes for this world…there are signs of that Hope in the smallest of spaces and the darkest of places.

The signs of God’s fast-approaching Realm are all around. Let’s start to pay attention to them.

Peace and Grace to all,

Pastor Brian

Brian Gruhn