"Public Service..."

The word "liturgy" comes from Ancient Greece, where "Liturgists" were property-owning citizens who were called up from time to time to perform a Public Service. Sometimes these were artistic endeavors, a Liturgist would arrange for poems and music to be performed. Other times, during times of war, it was the duty of a Liturgist to offer a ceremony to dedicate a new ship to the battle fleet.

The Christian tradition adopted the term--Liturgists, Liturgy--to describe the Public Service we offer every Sunday. Just as property-owning Greek citizens were called upon to publicly celebrate important moments in Greek culture, the Christian Liturgy refers to the many ways we celebrate the important moments on the Christian spiritual journey. It involves readings, music, art, imagery, silence, sacred space, performance, any thing we can think of that helps bring human souls in contact with the mysteries of life as revealed through Jesus and his followers.

We engage in this Liturgy--this Public Service--all the time, demonstrating to the world the Good News of a God who loves all and cares for all. From our youth raising money for local charities, our church members visiting one another at home and in hospital, dozens of church members and friends joining together on a cold Saturday to clean up our physical space, hosting meals, sharing in song and laughter...the ways we serve God in public are MANY! We aren't just church for an hour on Sunday, we are Church in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This week, we are holding a special Worship Service in which we will journey through the entire Christian Liturgical Year in One Worship Service. Have you ever wondered what the difference between Advent and Christmas is? Is there seasonal music you wish you could sing more often? Have you actually heard what the Christian journey is all about? Join us for Worship this Sunday at 8:00a.m. and 10:00a.m. for a crash course on the Christian Spiritual Journey.

Peace be with all this week, 
Pastor Brian

Brian Gruhn