"Giving Thanks..."

This week, we are giving thanks in a number of ways, for a number of reasons:

1) We have a new website! It's at the same address--kitterypointucc.org--but it has had a major renovation, thanks to the efforts of Geneve Hoffman, the whole church for helping to fund the effort, and many other helpers along the way! We wanted to make it easier for everyone to have access to Our Community's Story online, and to find out about all the exciting work we are doing every day! Check it out and let us know what you think!

2) This Sunday in Worship, we will have baskets out for donations to Footprints Food Pantry. All are invited to bring canned goods and other appropriate foods to donate to Footprints Food Pantry, so that we can help everyone in our community have a Thanksgiving Feast of their own next week! We'll also be studying in worship the ways that our Shared Traditions--like Thanksgiving--transform who we are as people, and the world in which we live!

3) Our Youth and Families raised more than $1,000 this last weekend through their Lasagna Dinner! We give thanks for all who came to support those efforts, all who enjoyed the delicious meal together, and the work of Preble Street, the Veteran's Organization that will be receiving the money. More details to come on that front soon!

4) WE GIVE SO MUCH THANKS for ALL the folks who are going to join us this Saturday, 9:00a.m.-12:00p.m. for our Church Yard Clean Up Day! (Keep an eye out for more info...it seems we might get rained out...stay tuned!)

Our faith tradition teaches us that the ability to give thanks for the many gifts God gives to us every day is where our spiritual journey begins. If we are unable to give thanks, then we are unable to appropriately feel other human emotions--anger, resentment, fear, joy, love, peace--and listen to what they have to teach us. This week, you are invited to explore the meaning and power of Thanksgiving right along with us, and help us celebrate God's abundant blessings as we head into the winter season.

Peace and Grace Be With All this Week,
Pastor Brian

This is a famous image of the first Thanksgiving. History tells us that...it was actually a lot more fun than this.

This is a famous image of the first Thanksgiving. History tells us that...it was actually a lot more fun than this.

Brian Gruhn